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Our Approach
About Us 

Stabilizing A review of the complete property including  all elements of a property and how they  work together, this enables us to stabilize the asset, understand the clients needs, concerns, and objectives and create building standards.


 Potential - This approach has allowed us to look at the full potential in a property and to reposition it in the marketplace by creating and implementing a strategic plan for the property. This is accomplished by determining the long term objectives for the property ,including not only leasing and marketing objectives.


Overview - The plan involves, keeping, restoring elements of the properties, evaluating the infrastructure, determining the elements which could be saved and improved, as well as other elements which may have to be replaced.


 Repositioning - These improvements in our properties allowed us to market and reposition these properties, focus on the positive amenities, the character of the property and the new cost and energy efficient building systems. This allowed us to attract a new Tenant mix and increased value in the properties for our clients and their investors.


Track Record - We have achieved a great deal of success in all our properties; we develop and maintain a good relationship with all our clients, tenants and those supplying services to the buildings. Over the years we have met various e challenges and are very proud of our accomplishments and achieving our clients objectives.


 Support - We have the expertise and stability to prepare a strategic plan for a property, work with other real estate professionals in the brokerage community, to develop a marketing and leasing plan. We monitor, maintain and where possible lower operating costs and are proud of our ability to stay on budget in respect to both operating and capital budgets.

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