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About Us
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  We are a boutique Property Management firm based in Toronto Canada .The team currently consists of one principal, administration and on site operation personnel. We take great pride in being a true fee management company; this allows us to focus on the properties we manage from an owners perspective . We believe the secret to our success is directly linked to the services we provide to our clients and their the success. We have the ability to offer  comprehensive property management services and the flexibility to “customize” these services based on our client’s needs.


   Your investment will be treated with a direct hands on approach, both from the administrative as well as the physical operations of the property.Good communication as well as a good preventative maintenance is paramount in operating a building efficiently, this not only allows us to keep operatingcosts under control but to also operate the property efficiently with little orno disturbances and surprise breakdowns ,which result in extra unanticipatedcosts.


  We have the resources, expertise and stability to prepare a strategic project plan (including a critical path) for the property, work with the brokerage community where applicable to develop a marketing and leasing plan, monitoring and in most cases lowering operating costs, staying on budget in respect to both operating and the capital budget. The expertise and knowledge we can bring to a property has created value for each of our clients and has given their properties a prominent position in the market place.


Great Team can  accomplish great works